Sandra Duchiewicz

Hi! I'm Sandra - Polish concept artist, illustrator and since last June - also an indie game developer :)

For the past 9 years I've been working on variety of video games, paper RPGs and card games. During my 6 years of working at Creative Assembly I had a pleasure to lead Concept Art Department on an award winning Total War: Warhammer trilogy.

Majority of my my work is focused on character and creature concept art for video games and animation tv shows. I also have experience with costume design for theater, marketing art, concept art for TV, art direction and comic book art.

I was featured in "The Best Polish Illustrators: Concept Art" artbook by {slow} Publishing, and also had a pleasure to paint a cover art for ImagineFX issue 133.

My experience in teaching Production Concept Art extends Mentoring Sessions. I had a pleasure to give lectures and do workshops at main Art Conferences and Digital Art Festivals in Europe:
-Promised Land Art Festival 2016, CD Project Red, Łódź, Poland
-Industry Workshops 2017, London, UK
-Animex 2018, Tesside University, Middlesborough, UK
-Eharthe 2018, Event Horizon School, Turino, Italy
-MCM Comicon 2018, Wacom, Celsys, London, UK
-MCM Comicon 24 May 2019, Wacom, Celsys, London, UK
-Digital Dragons 27-28 May 2019 - Cracov, Poland

And Upcoming:
-LightBox Expo 6-8 September 2019 - Pasadena, CA, US

I also sometimes appear at Universities to give lectures to Game Art students;
-Escape Studio, Pearson College in London, UK
-Tesside Universtity, Middlesborough, UK

My client list includes: Stellar Fireworks, Axis Animation, Whatboy Games, Creative Assembly, SEGA, Games Workshop, Paizo, Fantasy Flights Games, Celsys, Wacom, Imagine FX, Tesside University, Pearson College in London

You can see my portfolio at:

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The meeting was very informative. Sandra gave me some tips on how to be perceived as more professional. I highly recommend her : D

Ewa Spiak about listing Concept Art & Illustration 2 days ago.

Great! Very informative and really helped with demystifying certain things.

Sandra gave us very valuable advice and opened a window into the industry we hadn't looked through yet, she also coached us with how to set up our LinkedIns properly so it works more in our favor and how to set up job alerts using Artstation/Google etc.

She also gave us personalized feedback on our respective portfolios and pointed out things which we needed to improve.

Once I've implemented all her feedback I'll probably be back for a solo session (I had a group session with a friend) just to get even more personalized feedback.

Overall really positive experience, Sandra is lovely and easy to talk to.

Man. I don't even know where to start.

After applying to over 50 studios looking for opportunities and getting nothing but rejections I was almost ready to give up.

Talking with Sandra, I now feel like I have a clear direction and the fire in my belly was rekindled and blazing!

If you feel stuck and need the guidance of a pro I highly recommend Sandra.

Accie Sullivan about listing Concept Art & Illustration 3 months ago.