Adam Goodrich

I am a technology veteran with 30 years of commercial experience, an expert software developer, the father of three boys, a game development teacher, and the founder of Procedural Worlds.

Procedural Worlds is the author Gaia, GeNa, Pegasus and CTS on the Unity Asset Store. Gaia is the highest rated tool on the Unity Asset Store for the creation of beautiful environments in Unity 3D, and CTS, GeNa and Pegasus all help people to create and bring their environments to life using the latest artist driven procedural content generation techniques.

Procedural content generation is the use of algorithms to generate sophisticated 3D environments in which to make games, and when compared to manual content generation this dramatically shortens the time it takes to develop AAA environments, and also significantly improves the quality of what is created.

GAIA is a world generation system for designers and developers that makes gorgeous environmental generation possible for any game developer, regardless of their level of experience. GAIA was released on the Unity 3D asset store in late 2015, and within a week was both most popular and top grossing asset on the store, and continues to rank in the top 10 most popular assets of the over 30,000 assets on the Unity asset store.

Gena is another procedural generation tool for Unity that provides a more specialized approach to level design. Where Gaia paints the broad brush strokes of terrain generation, texturing and content population, Gena works intuitively with the artist to give fine grained control over what goes where. Gena can work from the macro to the micro, with structured and organic environments, and brings a number of innovations to the procedural content generation space.

Pegasus is a cut scene and fly through creator that makes it easy for you to show off the gorgeous environments you create with Gaia and Gena.

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