Information about Game Dev Mentors


Game Dev Mentors  is a community marketplace that connects students with mentors. It was created with the goal to help students fully reach their potential through 1 on 1 personalised mentoring. 

Game Dev Mentors is the easiest place for students and mentors to organise 1 on 1 mentoring. This can be over email, Skype or by any other means arranged by both parties. The aim of this mentoring service is to help students reach their goals faster. This can be anything from learning and growing new skills, getting advice on your demo reel, career advise, etc. 

Working on an indie game? Hire a mentor to give you advise and help you solve problems. Pick your mentors brain, work on solutions together and help build your professional network.

It's also chance for experienced game developers to give back to the community by passing on their skills and knowledge. The aim is to empower and help the next generation of game developers achieve their dreams and goals.

Who needs a Mentor? Anyone who wants to level up and stay relevant in the games industry. In an ever changing and very competitive industry mentors can help you stay on track to meet your goals. Mentors are not only for students at the very start of their careers, but in fact can be very important as you navigate throughout your career. Even people in lead or senior roles can greatly benefit from the right mentors.   

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