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Anya gave me a really good guidance on how to present my portfolio in a more serious/formal way for game studios to notice me more. We went through one of my projects and she quickly knew which were the biggest red flags and how I should have approached the project instead. She was happy to answer all my technical questions that me as a 3D artist I have been carrying almost all my career. I found our session very enriching and now I know better where to put my focus as an artist. Thank you very much Anya! ^_^

Awesome experience. Anya is very thorough and friendly. Thanks!

I am so pleased with my mentoring session with Anya! I was a fan of her artwork before I knew who she was, and to have her help me with my own artwork was a privilege. I've shown my current project to many peers, but Anya still managed to help me look at it in a completely new light. Thanks!