Anya Elvidge

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Anya is a super nice and friendly person and gave me a very professional, hour-long lesson in stylisation basics (shape and material stylisation) as well as ZBrush stylized sculpting techniques with great tips and tricks. She also provided very valuable feedback on my previously produced work.

I took away a lot from this one hour already as all of her tips and explanations are very clear, understandable and to the point. The entire lesson was very nicely paced as well.

She gave me as much time as I needed to grasp the concepts she presented to me and was happy to answer all my questions in as much detail as possible while not being confusing.

This was also supported by coupling the theory with practical examples like live sculpting, demonstrating the discussed techniques on a model in 3DS Max or on a paint over, in case of feedback.

She took into account my previous experience as an artist who usually works in realistic art styles and gave me very helpful advice for getting into stylised art building upon my existing artistic and technical background.

It was a great lesson that I took away a lot from and I would have another one again happily any time!