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Awesome experience. Anya is very thorough and friendly. Thanks!

I am so pleased with my mentoring session with Anya! I was a fan of her artwork before I knew who she was, and to have her help me with my own artwork was a privilege. I've shown my current project to many peers, but Anya still managed to help me look at it in a completely new light. Thanks!

Anya really helped me in a lot of ways within the one hour I had, she gave great feedback on a scene that I had made and gave me a lot of really useful tips on how to improve it. I've already started incorporating these tips into my work to give it that extra step.

She explained all of her feedback very well and there wasn't anything that I didn't understand but she made sure to ask every now and then if I understood what she meant about certain things.

I also left that session with a clear plan ahead with where I wanted to go in the future with my own stylised scenes that best suited my current skill set, strengths and weaknesses.

Overall I came into the session with a strong interest in stylised artwork but felt that I was lacking direction as to how to improve myself and push myself further. The whole experience was very interesting, I learnt a lot and most importantly had a lot of fun too!

I don't want to spoil too much, but if your interested in stylised environments and you don't know where to start or maybe you've started and feel a bit lost like me then, Anya will definitely help and I cant wait to speak to her again in the future to continue developing my skills further.