Vincent Ménier

I'm a game developer with 10 years of experience. I currently work at Riot Games as an Associate Art Director and my background is in 3D Character Art.

I genuinely love games and greatly enjoy mentoring folks who are seeking to get into the industry or level up their career. Feel free to reach out and let me know about your goals & aspirations.

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The meeting was great and very helpful!

Vincent gave me a very clear understanding of what a hirer looks for on a portfolio. He gave a specific sense of direction on what I can do with my portfolio that supports the goal I have. Also gave me a better understanding and realization for myself as an artist, and as a human being (which we usually forgot in this fast-paced industry). Even though it's only the first session, Vincent made me more confident to pursue my passion. True mentor and highly recommend!

Vincent helped me to get a complete understanding about what the peoples that hires are precisely looking at in a portfolio (hint: it's risk) And, well he is one of the people who hires for his company, so you couldn't find a better advisor on that matter.

Moreover he offered tips to improve my retopology and my baking.