1 on 1: General Game Design Mentorship

If you're an aspiring game designer or looking to get your first job in the games industry, I'm here to help! In this general game design mentorship session, I will be your cheerleader and educator providing you with positive feedback while also pinpointing your weak spots and offering advice to improve.

To be prepared for this session, please come with a list of questions and topics you want to cover so the lesson can go in the most beneficial direction. We can go over:
- Game Design Foundations
- Character/Enemy Design Documents
- Game Design Challenges
- Anything else within my area of expertise

About Me

I'm currently working as a Senior Combat Designer at Stoic Studio. I graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design in 2016; I also have an Associate of Arts in Digital Gaming from Bellevue College from 2012. I have previously worked as a game designer at Amazon Game Studios and as a tabletop games developer and editor at Lone Shark Games. In the past, I have held internships at Paizo and Signal Studios.

Game Credits: Combat Designer on Towerborne (Stoic Studio), AI Designer on New World (Amazon), Game Designer on Crucible (Amazon), Tabletop Game Development on Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, The Ninth World: A Skillbuilding Game for Numenera, and Thornwatch (Lone Shark Games)
Times Available (include your timezone): 9 AM - 12 PM PST Saturday and Sunday; Weeknights by request.
Design Disciplines :
AI Design
Game Design
Creative Design
Level Design
Technical Design
Languages Spoken (must be fluent) :
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