uventprojects is, for lack of a better term, a project that focuses on the creation and exposure of unique, game related ideas. We strive to teach young minds how to develop and implement their own creative ideas using the amazing tools that have been given to them. This is a solo project, but I do hope to find more people interested in teaching people of all ages how to develop memorable projects.

Makai Brown, the founder, is a video game creator and entrepreneur with a passion for design and development. Makai's skills lie within the realm of C, where he has garnered proficiency in C# and C++. Makai's ability to quickly render prototypes, and convert them into code makes him an unmatched candidate. Makai uses Unreal Engine primarily, but he can effortlessly shift focus into Unity when needed. His artistic vision, despite lacking in common art skills, combined with his ability to think outside the box and love for leadership makes him suitable for any task. No matter how crazy the job or client, Makai's patience and love of creation sets him on a path to success with any project.

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