Sergey Punchev

My Name is Sergey, and I am Game UI/UX Artist, with more than 10 years of experience in the field.

I`ve worked so far for clients such as - EA GAMES, Maxis, Crytek, Gameloft, Poker Stars, 3D Realms, Interplay and many others.

My main goal has always been to create art with

amazing attention to detail to make your projects

distinguishable against the background of others.

About my previous experience:


I have mentored and advised numerous students and industry newcomers over the years:

I performed numerous lectures in some of the biggest workshops here in Europe , such as Futuro & IFCC (Croatia)

I would love to teach you and help you out with everything related to UI / UX and 2d Art.

Game Credits: SIMS 4, SIMS Social, Sims CITY, Poker Stars, Arena of Fate (crytek), Age of Sparta, March of Empires and many others

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