AAA Game Design, Creative Direction, Resume and Interview tips.

Over the course of my career I have developed a strong knowledge of Game Design and development at the AAA level. I have been fortunate to have been involved in design work that shaped major franchises, and seen the inner working of some of the biggest developers in the industry. I have spent many years driving Game Design departments and mentoring talent, and I would be happy to share that approach and process with you as well.

I look forward to applying my experience as a professional Game Designer and Director to provide you with insight and advice on how to progress your career as a game designer, solve challenging design issues you are facing, or how to improve your chances of getting your first big break as a Game Designer.

As someone who has managed hundreds of hiring interviews, I am able to help prepare you to interview for game design jobs, feedback on your communication and interview skills, and give feedback on how to improve your portfolio and resume to highlight your skills to help you stand out to hiring managers.

Game Credits: Game Director: "Gears Tactics", Lead Designer: "Need for Speed", Lead Designer: "Need for Speed Rivals", Line Designer: "Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers", Line Designer: "Ghost Recon: Phantoms", Line Designer: "From Dust", Line Designer: "Heroes of Might & Magic VI", Lead Multiplayer Designer: "Driver: San Francisco", Game Designer: "Penny Arcade Adventures" Episodes 1 & 2, Level Designer "Dawn of War: Dark Crusade"
Times Available (include your timezone): 6pm - 11pm, UTC+00:00
Design Disciplines :
AI Design
Game Design
Creative Design
Level Design
Technical Design
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